Science and Technology Policy for Nigeria's Development Planning

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Sunday Idowu Oladeji
Abiodun Adewale Adegboye


Science & Technology (S&T) is recognised in intellectual discourse and public policymaking as strategic for development in contemporary times. The study assesses development planning experience in Nigeria and attempts to make a case for the integration of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy within the overall framework of national development planning. Content analyses of the development plan documents were made alongside exposition on theoretical perspectives on S&T for growth and development. The framework leads to some implications for Nigeria's development plan. A survey of the theoretical perspectives on the interrelations between STI and national development is also undertaken. As Science & Technology planning is grossly lacking in Nigeria’s development planning, the paper prescribes principles for effective interfacing of STI policy with national development plans. It draws attention to the essence of regular exchange of information between the sectors of Nigeria's economy and the Ministry of Science & Technology and the National Planning Commission, both at construction and implementation of plans. Development planning in Nigeria will serve the better if it is comprehensive and detailed to include S&T policy and programme. The regimes of ad-hoc/disintegrated sectoral reforms must no longer be allowed to rob the economy of desired growth and development. While the planning of STI activities is of critical importance, the paper seems the first to call    attention to the significance of integrating STI with the overall framework of national planning in Nigeria.

National development, Nigeria, science, technology, innovation, planning

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Oladeji, S. I., & Adegboye, A. A. (2019). Science and Technology Policy for Nigeria’s Development Planning. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, 32(4), 1-12.
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