Discouraging Transmission Model of Teaching as Telling through Interactive Mode of Questioning

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Jolly D. Kukuru


Aim: To investigate extent to which teachers were proficient in questioning during teaching and learning processes in classrooms.
Study Design: Lesson/Class Observation.
Place and Duration of Study: Northern and Southern parts of Akure, capital of Ondo State of Nigeria, between August and December 2011.
Methodology: Twelve teachers (12) selected from 6 secondary schools (3 senior and 3 junior) among social science based teachers, participated in the research. Twelve indices of questioning adapted from authors that span from 1982-2010 formed the major instrument. The instrument was validated and its reliability was ensured before it was finally used. Two other instruments, namely, Form to obtain demographic data from the teachers and Tape Recorder to record each interaction in class, served as supplements. The instruments were used to observe each of the participating teachers by the researcher, to ensure uniformity in recording.
Results: Most of the teachers that were observed passed (5/7) with respect to basic processes of questioning; most of the teachers failed (1/12) with respect to a unique process of interaction; score for questions which facilitate thinking was 2/12; and score for teachers that qualified to be called prolific questioner was 0/12. The results were further investigated using Chi-Square (X2) analyses and the corresponding values are 17.640 at .000 levels of significance for teachers that passed; 70.5600 at .000 levels of significance against teachers that failed; 77.440 at .000 levels of significance against teachers that failed; while the last intended investigation could not be executed on the basis that the failure score was extreme (0/12).
Conclusion: The observed teachers passed on convergent rather than on divergent processes of questioning: fact (information) seeking processes of questioning rather than on those requiring options (analytical and creative answers). The teachers were inadequate in critical skills of questioning.

Teaching techniques/methods, class interaction, cyclic process in teaching, effective teaching; instruction process/procedure.

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