Academic Performance at the First Grade of Secondary Schools (Gymnasium) of Students Who Attended Small Rural Primary School

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Ioannis Fykaris


Aims: The aim of this research was to investigate the progress of students who study at Small Rural Primary School (SRPS), made in the first three grades of high school, based on their school performance since there is not such an empirical research in Greek bibliography.
Study Design: An empirical Cross-sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: Department of Primary education University of Ioannina between September 2007 to June 2010.
Methodology: The sample was taken from three prefectures of North Greece. Choosing by lot from the high schools of the above prefectures, there were chosen those high schools which accommodated students from the three types of SRPS. From those students were chosen those ones that attended SRPS during their six year attendance in primary school. As far as the social background of the students there was no problem, as they all came from agricultural families with medium or inferior educational level of the parents. Based on the above criteria the sample consisted of 146 students.
Results: Summing up the findings of this research, a general statement is inferred: That SRPS are able to provide essential and adequate teaching work, reversing the opposite viewpoint. From the findings of the research, also we conclude that they can be combined with the corresponding findings of other researches contacted internationally and which lead to the estimation that there should be a differentiated approach of SRPS towards the elevation and the support of their educational and teaching work. The tendency therefore, of the educational policy as well as that of the rulers (those in office) should head for its functional improvement and not unsubstantiated logic of its “abolition”.
Conclusion: Concluding, it is stressed that with the present research is covered an essential bibliographical gap, whereas simultaneously new horizons for research and approach of SRPS open.

Achievement, performance, subject, small rural primary school.

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Fykaris, I. (2012). Academic Performance at the First Grade of Secondary Schools (Gymnasium) of Students Who Attended Small Rural Primary School. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, 2(2), 85-102.
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