Innovative Pedagogical System of Institution of General Secondary Education as a Condition of Formation of Social Activity of Pupils

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Svitlana Kyrylyuk


The article describes the meaning of the concept of "pedagogical system". The author describes the features, patterns and structure of the pedagogical system. The peculiarities of multicomponent innovative pedagogical system aimed at forming social activity of students in general secondary education institutions are revealed. In particular, the functional and structural components of the innovative pedagogical system for the formation of students' social activity, their interconnections, and peculiarities of functioning are considered. It is noted that the structural components include the activities of teachers, students, administration and self-government bodies, as well as the goals and content of education, ways of communication, scientific and educational information, educational information space. Functional components include design, prognostic, anticipative, managerial, correction and evaluation, organizational, technological, constructive, communicative and social. The article also presents the formula of innovative pedagogical system. The article describes the features of managerial activity in the conditions of innovative pedagogical system, the necessity of correction and evaluation component is substantiated. Attention is drawn to the fact that the structural and functional components of the pedagogical system are characterized by mutual conditionality, paired bonds, which do not allow the system to collapse. Attention is drawn to the fact that the innovative pedagogical system of formation of social activity of students is a set of connected micro spaces, microenvironments that form a hierarchical system of educational institution aimed at achieving maximum educational effect and formation of social activity of students. The article draws attention to the fact that in the innovative pedagogical system the activity of all components, except general education, is aimed at forming the social activity of students, it is holistic and has integral properties.

pedagogical system, social activity of students, functional and structural components, educational and information space.

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Kyrylyuk, S. (2019). Innovative Pedagogical System of Institution of General Secondary Education as a Condition of Formation of Social Activity of Pupils. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, 32(2), 1-13.
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