The Earthquake Song to Improve Early Childhood’s English Vocabularies in Indonesia

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Pupung Puspa Ardini
Mohamad Topan Riswan Hela
Hijrah Syahputra
Rapi Us Djuko
Irvin Novita Arifin
Sri Wahyuningshih Laiya


The research was conducted with the aim to know the effect of music and movement on the vocabulary abilities of english words of early childhood in kindergarten of children 5-6 years old in Indonesia. This is an experimental research using pretest-posttest design. This research was conducted On January and early February 2019. The subjects of this study were group B, which amounted to 30 children 16 boys and 14 girls. The object of this research is the ability of english vocabulary in children. the data about the ability of english vocabulary of children through giving the performance assessment instruments. From the results of the research obtained, the influence between music and movement on the english vocabulary abilities of children with PV values = 5.311 with a total R-value of 68 or 0.683 r is higher than r-total using polled variance with a significance level of 5% or 0, 05. While the results of the t-test show that the value of t = -8.34 and t-table 0.683, in other words, the t-score is higher than the t-table or p-value> alpha then H0 is rejected or Ha is accepted. There is an influence of motion and song on children's vocabulary abilities in kindergarten of children 5-6 years old. Through music and movement, children can learn vocabulary effectively and concretely. Children do every component of language, listening, speaking, reading, and writing also moving.

Early childhood, English, vocabulary skills, movement, song, 5-6 years old

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Ardini, P., Hela, M., Syahputra, H., Djuko, R., Arifin, I., & Laiya, S. (2019). The Earthquake Song to Improve Early Childhood’s English Vocabularies in Indonesia. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, 30(4), 1-12.
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